A downloadable simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Libre TrainSim is a train simulator written in Godot Engine - Free for everyone. Licensed under GPL 3.0

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This project is created by Jean28518 from germany in his free time, who is studying computer science. The aim is to create a modern fully free Train Simulator for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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Current Working Progress:


Version 0.7 comes with many improvements:

  • Trains are now rendered from outside
  • NPC-Trains - You are'nt alone anymore!
  • Tracks rewrited - pitched and tended rails are possible now
  • New Track: U2-Nuremberg
  • New Train: JFR1_Grey
  • Editor for creating content -> can be downloaded at https://libre-trainsim.de
  • Editor documentation
  • Tutorial videos for track builders (will be published in the next days)
  • Autopilot
  • Different camera views
  • More settings
  • Live track information
  • Improved HUD
  • Music in main menu
  • Train lights
  • Contact Points: Signals can now be changed by trains
  • Intelligent Signals: They automatically find the signal after themselves
  • Block Signals
  • Fixed a ton of bugs
  • many more...

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run the executable.


Libre_TrainSim_Linux_v0_7.zip 158 MB
Libre_TrainSim_Windows_v0_7.zip 157 MB
Libre_TrainSim_Mac_v0_7.zip 161 MB

Development log


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Check out my new Development Update! 

Hi i m a gamdev like you. I really liked your game , maybe add some rotation effect to the wheels I think wheels were static . 

 I m currently making a train sim in unity , but i cant figure out turning part of train, the train just cant turn with the track , i heard we can use splines ,but there are no tuturials about it. 

Hey. Thanks for your feedback.

I don't use splines. For rails it is not recommended. Trust me, I already tried it..
I programed my own circle functions..
Feel free to check my Math.gd, Rail.gd and my pdf 'how a circle is calculated'


I would love to see some screenshots of your work...


I used basic wheel colliders and motor force to drive train ..I want to add turns to make track a complete loop

(1 edit)

Ohhh, okay.. I don't use phyisics at all...
I programed everything myself in movement of the train.

PS: Did you make the models yourself?

They look really good..

(1 edit)

The Train model is downloaded from asset store, can i use circle function in unity?. I have used blender to make humans ,houses but its difficult to make complex models like trains in blender

New version tested. Great beginner-friendly improvements!

The next version 0.7 isn't far away! ;)

Make sure to check out the new post! https://jean28518.itch.io/libre-train-sim/devlog/148737/development-update-may-2...

I will up to date with your project! Your roadmap seems to be interesting. I suggest you that you upload a gameplay video to your description. 

Great to hear!

Thanks for your advice, I updated the description ;)


Exciting Godot project! Gave it a little spin, introduced this new project to the channel. Noticed: audio is strangely on left channel only (windows).

Thank you! Great!
Yeah, the audio channel is a bit broken, I will fix this. Thanks for your feedback ;)